What should you know about Funeral Dress code?

Funeral Dresses

Funerals can get very emotional, and you do not want to be the one who is having fun at the funeral. The melancholy of the funeral must match with the type of clothes you wear. You need to respect the occasion and the people who are mourning for their loss. Some families would request you to wear a particular color, so make sure you respect that and wear that particular color. But if you do not happen to have anything black or the color the family requested then you can wear something mild.

Funeral Dresses

The following are some of the things you need to keep in mind while choosing a dress to wear to a funeral:

  • Choose dark or black color clothing.
  • Keep it straightforward and formal.
  • Sleeve length.
  • Do not prefer patterned clothes.

Choose Dark or Black Color Clothing:

In most funerals, people wear black color clothing. Traditionally it is a practice that the people who attend a funeral wear black to show that they are mourning for the family. But these days’ people also wear shades of black and gray and also navy blue. If you are not planning to wear black or if you do not have to clothe in black color then make sure that you wear something else which is a darker shade.

Some black colored clothes can have many shiny stones which you would probably wear to a party or a night club, try and avoid wearing such clothes. Always try out your dress and make sure that it is not very bright or attractive.

Keep it Simple and Formal:

Do not dress like you would for a night club, the shirt or the dress might be black in color but it can be very bright. Try to dress like how you would dress to an interview but choose darker and mind colors. For men, make sure that your ties go with the shirt you are wearing. You must not end up bearing a dark shirt and a very bright tie. Make sure that the pants are so in a darker shade.

For women, long black skirts, or formal dresses would be perfect for a funeral. Do not try to overdo your makeup and hair. Try to tone it down for the occasion.

Sleeve length

Try not to wear sleeveless or show more of your skin in a funeral. This was a traditional practice but it is not given much importance these days. But depending on the family you can wear the type of sleeve length you want. But it is advisable not to wear sleeveless for a funeral. At least for women, it is fine for a little sleeve to be shown these days. But for men, it is totally unacceptable to wear sleeveless for a funeral.

Do not Prefer Patterned clothes:

Make sure that your clothes are plain and do not have much designs or patterns in them. A plain shirt will look good and neat. Some designs can stand out and might look very odd at a funeral.